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With an unending commitment to her clients and hands-on service, Merna goes above and beyond to educate, advocate and guide them through the process of buying or selling a home.




With a background in architecture and interior design, Merna has a strong eye and ability to see —and sketch — potential. This experience is a real value for clients, who appreciate her ability make recommendations for updates and upgrades that can make their house a home.

Beyond drawing up dreams in her sketchbook, Merna’s attention to detail is ever-present in her client advocacy and representation. This means closely reviewing contracts and expertly communicating with all parties involved in the process to ensure nothing big or small is overlooked. 

1 ON 1 Consultations


Relationships are integral to Merna’s business. Whether you need to buy or sell a home, Merna will meet with you to get to know you and understand your situation, needs and dreams. During this consultation, Merna will walk you through buying or selling and will make sure you are fully educated on the process, terms, paperwork and requirements. Throughout your time together, Merna will consistently check in and make sure you’re fully empowered to achieve your goals.



Driven by a desire to provide the absolute best experience, Merna values her clients and relationships above and beyond closing transactions. From finding the perfect properties to tour or staging your home to shine to representing you through writing, reviewing and negotiating offers, Merna puts you and your interests first, always.


Personalized Service

Merna knows that every client, every need, and every home is unique, so her service is tailored to best meet the needs of each person she works with. More statistically minded? Merna is a self-professed “numbers girl” and is happy to talk to you in facts and figures. Need help seeing the bigger picture? Merna is ready to talk to you in vision and ideas. No matter your needs, Merna is ready to help and exceed your expectations.


Expert Negotiation

As a Certified Negotiation Expert with an eagle-eyed attention to detail, Merna will actively represent you and protect your interests throughout the process. By thoroughly reviewing contracts, writing compelling offer letters, sharing her knowledge and opinions and fighting for you whenever necessary, Merna will make sure that you’re getting a fair deal.


Staging and Marketing

With her eye for details and innate design skills, Merna handles staging herself. She knows how to enhance a home’s best features and make the space truly sparkle and shine — both in photographs and in person — to truly catch the eye of interested buyers. Beyond staging, Merna provides all-inclusive and comprehensive marketing to attract top offers. From professional photography and hosting open houses to a suite of customized print and digital materials, including flyers, brochures, Just Listed postcards, social media, syndicated MLS listings and even online advertising.

For First

time Buyers

Merna works with many first-time buyers and is a skilled matchmaker, often finding properties that other agents tend to overlook. With her design knowledge, ability to help her clients see the true potential in a home and market expertise, Merna guides first-time buyers through the process with ease. Whether making recommendations for remodeling or presenting extensive market research and competitive analysis.

Selling from a

Buyer’s Perspective

Merna’s work with buyers is tremendously valuable for sellers preparing their home for listing. With an in-depth understanding of what buyers look for in a home and a pulse on the current competitive climate, Merna can help sellers make outstanding first impressions, while her industry connections and relationships with other buyer’s agents allow her to engage with a broad and deeply interested pool of potential buyers.


Merna has worked alongside and cultivated strong relationships with builders and developers. She counsels clients interested in purchasing a newly constructed home on everything from contracts to choosing the perfect finishes, like paint colors and lighting. A dependable resource, Merna’s collaboration with builders, familiarity with new projects across the Eastside, and incomparable due diligence help her clients find the perfect new construction home. 

"Merna helped us buy our home in Bothell and she is simply unbelievably amazing. "

She is very professional and helpful. Her great experience with interior design that helped us a lot. When we started looking for a house, we felt burdened with the amount of details and risks, but all of that evaporated with the amount of knowledge, analysis, and assurance she provides. She knows how to approach every person individually. She usually talks to me in numbers and facts and talks to my wife in ideas and vision. I just wish the process of buying a house happens more often so we can have the delight of working with her over and over!

"Merna has a genuine personality that radiates positive energy and makes a client feel that they are in good hands."

She is an amazing salesperson without even trying to be one and earned our trust right off the bat! She really cared about helping us find the house of our dreams. She really steps back and listens to what the client really needs! She never tries to push her ideas or impose her opinion, but at the same time, subtly and intelligently, rolls out her input and advice at the right moment and in the right manner. This is one experience where one person, like Merna, can change the life of an entire family to the better. The process was flawless. We highly recommend her!

"It's as if she's part of your family and wants it as much as you do."

Merna was amazing. We gave her very specific (almost impossible) parameters on a very short turnaround time. She was able to secure us the home we wanted and was there every step of the way. She thought of things we did not think of, and she really provided end-to-end seamless service. We strongly recommend Merna as a relentless advocate when looking for a home. It wasn't about the sale for her but about making sure 100% we got what we wanted.

"Merna's unwavering energy, optimism and tireless efforts make her a very rare and special asset within the profession"

Merna is like the sun! She is a force that makes everything happen! A true powerhouse, Merna accelerated like a Tesla, preparing and negotiating our bid to purchase, interacting with the other realtor and all the people, including trades, required to move closer to our kids and pass the baton from our empty nest in lovely Woodinville to a new family ..She impressed us by her constant help and availability. Merna's unwavering energy, optimism and tireless efforts, including making all her clients family she'd go to the ends of the earth for, as well as her excellent communication skills, makes her a very rare and special asset within the profession . She is shrewd, smart, resourceful, an emotional support and design advisor with kind acts and deeds everyday you interact with her. Merna is now helping our daughter find her first home, and I tell you, luxury property or townhouse, Merna is going to find only a quality and perfect home for her clients. Merna really has made herself successful because she is honored to serve and is the smart friend everyone wants when they are investing in their next forever home. Merna means 'home' in the truest sense of the word; even the seller of the home we bought wishes she had Merna as her realtor. Merna illuminates the path to homeownership... Highest recommendation possible!

"She makes the experience of buying a property so smooth and enjoyable, my wife was disappointed when it came to an end."

Writing a review for Merna is truly a difficult task to accomplish because no words can actually summarize how masterful she is. She goes above and beyond in whatever task she handles. She took the time to understand where we stand and what we are looking for. She knows the process like the back of her hand and gave us a precise timeline which gave us huge peace of mind. She is honest and does not settle for mediocre deals. Either she will work with you to obtain the most valuable deal your money can buy, or she will advise to wait for a better opportunity. She has a perfect insight for market value. She makes the experience of buying a property so smooth and enjoyable, my wife was disappointed when it came to an end. Merna is very patient. She is always available and will work around your schedule (and this is coming from a physician who works in 4 clinics and an ER). She responds to ANY question with such grace and knowledge. She has the expertise not only to find you the right house, but also envisions how the house will fit your needs and specification. She does not want to sell a house; rather she strives to sell a home which value has no where to go but upwards. When it comes to negotiation, she is truly talented. I was always glad I was on her team every step of the way. She is very resourceful and she makes sure to use all her options to bring the best deal to you. Not only did we buy our new house at asking price (which is unheard of in the King County area) but also reached a deal with the sellers to provide us with thousands of dollars in credit. Folks at escrow had to call her to make sure these numbers are actually correct!! She makes sure even your banker is giving you the best deal possible. She is certainly your best advocate. In summary, she is the best chance one has when buying or selling a house to have the best and most valuable deal.

"Very impressive, highly organized, extremely communicative and there's no doubt that she's one of the best realtors in Seattle."

Merna has been THE best realtor I've ever worked with. Her work ethic is top notch and she has made me and my family super happy with the sell of our old home and the purchase of our new home. We were able to sell for higher price than we thought and purchased for lower price than anticipated. This was all due to her thorough research in the market, amazing staging as well as her negotiation strategy with clear rationale behind decisions. Throughout our journey with her over the course of a few weeks, she had spent plenty of time with us in providing rich information, discussed how we want things to be handled and most importantly, made us feel comfortable about our decisions. If I should work with any realtor again, it definitely will be with Merna and I will strongly, very strongly recommend her to anyone that I know. Does she sleep? I don't know... one thing for sure is that she is always reachable over the phone and she is always there for you throughout your journey which could be stressful. Our family loved working with her and we would like to thank her for all the hard work that she's done for us. Very impressive, highly organized, extremely communicative and there's no doubt that she's one of the best realtor in Seattle.

"She is amazingly knowledgeable and dedicated to her job in an incredibly unique way."

Merna is the dream real estate agent any home buyer would ever wish to work with. Without a second thought Merna is the best realtor who 100% deserves the awards she received in her career. I have been trying to find the right words to describe Merna’s professionalism, dedication, accuracy, proactiveness, patience, communication, flexibility, responsiveness, honesty, guidance, caring and friendly style, generosity, and thoughtfulness, but all words would underestimate the remarkably high level of each of those features of her. She is absolutely the best professional to work with when it comes to Real Estate. She is amazingly knowledgeable and dedicated to her job in an incredibly unique way. Moreover, Merna has grown to be like a sister to us! She has thought about everything along the process form communicating with us, the listing agent, our lender for tracking closing status, and the escrow company for closing issues. Merna has done a marvelous job educating us on every single step in the process. She has made sure we understood every step and move we took. She has been patient with touring homes with us any time that would fit our schedules. She talked to us day and night to help answer all of our questions and gave us her honest opinion about the homes we toured, until we found the home that we fell in love with. All her awesome qualities I mentioned before were absolutely the only way we could have ever closed on this home. She made it happen!! She communicated with the listing agent around the clock to facilitate the deal making sure that all our concerns were addressed while landing us the deal from the very first night she submitted our offer. Did I mention that the home had an offer review date? With Merna’s efforts that she had put in to create a very appealing offer, while having us protected across all aspects, the sellers accepted our offer on the same night! Have you ever seen a real estate agent that walks you through the contract line by line before sending the offer to the listing agent? Merna did this! We were first time home buyers and that was the first time we would see a contract. She spent a full hour on the phone explaining every single line and answering our questions. Additionally, she did an unbelievably detailed market analysis to make sure we were paying the right amount of money for the home and not a single extra penny. She helped schedule the home inspection for us and she even helped provide the detailed information we needed to know about the home that were required by the homeowner’s insurance company. Later, even after closing, she listened to our thoughts regarding our move-in and referred us to contractors whom she had good experiences with. I really wonder if you can ever find a realtor that cares about you and your business the way she does. We have found Merna and we will forever have her as our go-to professional and a very dear friend to us. THANK YOU Merna for everything you have done for us and for being the way you are. You deserve all the best in your career and life! A million thanks are not enough??

"She took the time to learn about our family and what was important to us to make sure we would be comfortable."

Where do we begin with Merna? Merna is an utmost expert in her field. This was our 5th home purchase in the last 15 years and by far the smoothest we've ever had. Merna was there from day 1 thinking about things we weren't even considering. Her knowledge stretched beyond the neighborhood, schools, and resale value. She took the time to learn about our family and what was important to us to make sure we would be comfortable. She never left our side. Her background in architecture and design was also an invaluable asset. She was always one step ahead and had a contingency plan for everything. Merna's network is also extremely reputable. She put us in contact with the best lender we have ever had and an excellent home inspector. We never doubted that we were getting the BEST deal. Despite what our friends and family were telling us, Merna was able to pull off our closing, our move out, and our move into our new home all on the same day! Above all, Merna is customer obsessed and went above and beyond, even offering to attend appointments that were outside the scope of what any normal broker does. It's no surprise that she is top ranked. She will definitely be our realtor for life. If you are looking for someone who listens and will advocate for your fiercely, look no further. As the cherry on top, she also has a bright and cheerful personality that just makes things more fun. Thank you Merna!

"If you are looking for the best real estate professional in Seattle, stop right here, you have found her."

If you are looking for the best real estate professional in Seattle, stop right here, you have found her. Merna Elaggar is the best of the best. I do not often share my opinion in reviews, and I am a very tough customer (Merna can vouch for that!). We bought a house with Merna, sold our home of 24 years with her and she also helped our daughter buy her first home. She provides outstanding service, handles all the details so that you don't have to and is a real tough and persuasive negotiator for you whether you are the buyer or the seller. If selling your house, she will stage it so that it looked better than when you lived there (she was a designer in a previous career!). If anyone in our family needs to deal with real estate, we will call Merna. While there are many great agents out there, you can't go wrong hiring Merna. Most of all, you can trust that she has YOUR best interest at heart. That is just ingrained in her personality and ethos. She is a wonderful person and the great friend that you haven't yet met!

"From day one, Merna went above and beyond to make sure we fully understood every little detail with regards to purchasing."

Merna gave us the perfect home buying experience imaginable as a first time homeowner. She was extremely professional, patient, and helped with resolving any issues that came up throughout our journey to finding our dream home. Her knowledge of the greater Seattle market is extensive and she gave insight into the differences of owning a property in Seattle, Sammamish, Issaquah, Bothell, Bellevue, and Kirkland. In addition, she had great insights into the differences between various builders. From day one, Merna went above and beyond to make sure we fully understood every little detail with regards to purchasing. When we decided to pause on looking for a home for over a year to plan for our wedding, she was extremely supportive of our decision. She checked in with us regularly and made us feel appreciated even though we were not actively looking during that time. She was always on our side throughout the process. There were instances where she went above and beyond to help make sure we understood questions/issues that came up with fully understanding our loan process as well as with our upgrade options. Merna knew the right questions to ask in order to help us narrow our search, and helped us find our home in only three weeks once we resumed the search! She gave us great advice to make sure that we were able to be first in line to make a decision on our lot location, which was important due it being highly desired, and her negotiation skills throughout the process was unparalleled. She also helped us make decisions to make sure that we could maximize our investment. We highly recommend her to anyone remotely thinking of purchasing a home! Thank you Merna, for such a fantastic experience!


Reach out to Merna today to work with an experienced and dedicated broker who is ready to transform your real estate goals into a well-executed success.